Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Gumbo, Reading & Rambling

Today we are eating Thanksgiving Gumbo in the Herrmann House.  This is an annual tradition and a great way to get rid of extra meat from Thanksgiving.  You simply make a roux, and toss in any leftover meat.  After several hours of bubbling, it taste delightful!

Early this year I made a goal to read 111 books in 2011.  I did this partially because I am crazy, and because someone I truly admire, Professor Nanna was doing this same.  (Professor Nanna is AKA Teri Lesense  AKA The Goddess of YA Literature - Seriously this woman is AWESOME!)  I figured if I wanted to be cool like Terri, and by cool I mean really amazing in encouraging teachers and students to find a really deep enjoyment of reading,  I should do some of what she does. Hence my insane goal to read 111 books this year.

Now I am at 109 and frantically trying to figure out how to find the time to read two more of the new Lone Star List.  

(Why I want to read more from The Lone Star list is a subject for another blog, but it involves my librarian buddy Coy and an insane desire to talk to her about awesome books. )

One fun thing I found after this year of reading, is that it makes me LOVE reading more.  As a reading teacher, I found that the more my students read the more likely they were to love reading.   Essentially, we love what we're good at and we're good at things we practice.

Another rant for another day ...

I've given you a link to the Goodreads choice awards for favorite book.  I have kept track of what I've read for years using a Goodreads account.  When I was in the classroom I would let my students see what I was reading.  I consider myself a "lit'l of" reader.  Meaning I read a lit'l of this and a lit'l of that.  I found even the most avid nonreaders would find an interest in what I read.  Proving to me that the term "nonreader" should not exist.  All people are readers, we just need to help them realize that you don't have to love reading classical novels to be a reader.

Ok, another rant for another day - AGAIN! LOL

So - anyway go vote! 


Vote now for your favorite books!

I am super excited about 2012.  The TCEA conference is in February.  I'm honored that they've asked me to speak on integrating the new technology TEKS into an ELA classroom.  I have always loved my "KnightSpace" lesson where we'd develop websites for literary characters and I am so excited to share it.  I will be presenting at 3 pm on Tuesday in Ball Room D if you are interested. 

More about 2012 as things finalize, but for right now I have reading to do and gumbo to stir.

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