Monday, August 8, 2011

Reading Out of Your Comfort Zone

Get Out of that Comfort Zone

Today, when I left for work, I did something totally radical.  I took a different route.

My new route is largely due to being at a different school, but hey I changed what I normally did.  The drive this morning was AMAZING!  I mean, like Hallmark Card quality driving.

First, there were deer.  As in Bambi and his mom, adorable deer.

The drive includes fountains, small hills and beautiful houses.  I was worried about this new route taking me longer then the old drive, now I wish it would have taken me longer. My moving from my regular routine I found something truly beautiful, even amazing that I never would have known existed without being forced from my comfort zone.

     Recently, a friend of mine tweeted about a book that she'd read.  I admit, I'm a YA reader, so other then the occasional adult novel, I never take the time to read picture books.   Like my drive this morning, I was forced out of my comfort zone.

I forgot how much I loved the high quality picture books that are available.     The stories are rich in meaning and have so many applications to the real world.  As a teacher, many of the high quality picture books can help students grasp concepts without taking the time involved in reading longer pieces of work.

I encourage you to consider reading out of your comfort zone.  Pick up that book that you'd normally skip over and give it a try.  You might be surprised how that one change in your daily routine can open your eyes to something beautiful.

Enjoy your week.  For my friends and family in education, welcome to another year!!

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