Friday, August 5, 2011

Chai Lattees a Demon and a Crutch - My Friday Finds

So, I can't believe that summer is almost over.

Actually, no I can't believe the school year is almost here.  It's been over 100 degrees every day.  I pray that summer is almost over.

On Monday, I have to go to work and bring something that represents my summer.  Since I spent so much of the summer watching Hubbie heal from his ACL/Meniscus tear and the following surgery, I don't have anything really exciting to talk about. 

I think I'm bringing a crutch.

On a less whiny note, my Friday Finds this week have brought me great joy.  If you did not know, I bought a Kurig Coffee maker this summer.

I am not going to sit here and shout the wonderfulness that is the Kurig - OMG THIS IS THE BEST COFFEE POT EVER.

Sorry I shouted a little!

In case you have not experienced it, this is how the magical Coffee-Genie that is Kurig works.  Get ready for my brief and not very scientific explanation.

You put your KPack (that is what the coffee comes in) into the machine, your water and press a button. That is it people!   Sounds kind of normal doesn't it?

Then,  magic happens.  Steam comes from the pot, coffee is dispensed in a cup, and for a short time, I'm in coffee heaven.  (This all happens in one minute)  But again, I'm not raving about my Kurig, I'm raving about something new and exciting I found because of my Kurig.

OK, actually I raved about the Kurig.  

Thanks to the awesomness that is my Kurig - I found Chai Lattes.

*Sigh* My new love! *Sigh*

Seriously, how did I NOT know this yumminess existed?

Spicy goodness, enveloped into a warm tempting morsel of black tea.  My life is complete!  The first time I drank one I thought it might just be a fluke, the second one was equally as filled with awesome!  I have a new favorite drink in the morning.

If you have not tried Chai Lattes, then run to your local coffee shop and try it.  If you have, then you should have told me about it sooner.

One teeny warning.  Apparently black tea has TONS of caffeine in it.  So, yeah be prepared.  Drinking four or five a day can give you quite a jolt!  

My Friday Finds book suggestion this week is The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan.  While this book has been out for a while, I am just getting around to reading it.  It's the first in a trilogy and is totally awesome.

The Demon's Lexicon
If you've read my blog then you know I'm working on a group of fun lesson plans that focus on YA author studies.  My goal is to create sets of fun projects that are technology based that will work with students who are reading in literary circles. 

Sarah's trilogy is one I can see fitting in nicely to a lit circle.  First, her website is filled with information about her life, her book signings and help the reader grasp who she is as a person.  When looking at an author study, it helps those reluctant YA readers want to read if they feel a closeness to the writer. (You can follow her on Twitter here)

These lessons are designed to be fun, so of course the reader needs something that is engaging to read.  I've not completed the series, but the books are so exciting, with the right blend of magic, humanity and action.  The characters are so richly developed that you feel the connection with them and Sarah's detailed descriptions of the setting really help the reader visualize the story as it happens.

If you've not checked out her trilogy do so.  Two of the books are in paperback, so they are not expensive.  All three of the books were easy to locate in my public library, so for kiddos who can't purchase their own books, there is an option for you.  I read the books on my Kindle.

I'm spending the afternoon with boy #3 and hubbie on a college visit.  Hopefully I can persuade them into a  Cheescake factory run for dinner tonight!

Enjoy your weekend, stay cool and drink Chai Latte.  


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