Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pottermore Nerdiness, writing thoughts and Avon Breast Cancer Walk Update

Pottermore Teaser Image
     I am a nerd.   We all know it, I've openly admitted it many times!  From my point of view, nerds rock!  While I'm embracing my inner nerd, I have to admit I'm thrilled about the opening of JK Rowling's new site, Pottermore.

    At Leaky we've been working on preps for the announcement, trying to build a Leakypedia page for Pottermore and prepare for the imminent server crash that always happens when Jo makes an announcement!   (I LOVE the excitement, I really do)

Now we know Pottermore is an online reading experience.   A place to experience the books in an entirely new way, to look into the thoughts of the author and to learn the history of some of our most beloved characters!  Jo has said she'll tell McGonagall's back story!  ( can't wait!)

One of the things I love about Jo is the way she really digs into the story before she writes it.  We're so attached to the characters because they are so rich and vibrant.  When I meet Severus Snape, I can tell this is a man with deep passions and emotions.  The 12-year old boy wizard sees a mean old man, but I see someone who has a story that is yet to be told. 

As a writer and a teacher of writing I love this!  It's easy for me to see why understanding characterization is so important, but it's hard to teach it.  Using her work as a model really drives home the point. 

It rained this week!  I am thrilled for the rain, but I really want more!  Actually, we need more.

Finally, my Avon Breast cancer walk is in April of 2012!  I'm not freaking out yet, but I've yet been able to really fundraising.  First, John tore his knee up (surgery forthcoming) - summer school has me insane and moving to a new campus keeps me busy!  I'm still walking several miles a week to keep up the training schedule, but fundraising serioiusly has to start in August!  If you'd like to help our team raise money to help wipe out breast cancer we'd be most appreciative.  You can click on this link and donate here.

Currently I am reading Search for the Shadowman with my summer school class.

Search for the Shadowman (Joan Lowery Nixon)
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