Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why we should get rid of old fashioned textbooks

  My last semester as an undergrad I had a grant to cover the cost of classes.  I was so excited to save the money, I really thought I'd be able to purchase new clothes for all of those job interviews I was hoping to go on.

This particular semester my books cost me over $900.  Seriously, for 4 books. This was over 17 years ago.

Now I am the parent paying for all of these books and the cost is even more appalling.  The thought of my three boys graduating college fills me with pride, but the costs associated with attending a university fill me with dread. With the costs of education skyrocketing something needs to be done to help our students get the education they need without driving themselves into debt.

I feel there are so many steps that need to be taken to reduce the cost of education, one of the first should be reducing the costs of textbooks.  For both K-12 schools and for higher education, the cost associated with textbooks is ridiculous.

One option for students is to rent E-Books.  Right now, both the Kindle and the Nook offer an E-book rental service.  This gives students a more econimical and more Earth friendly option to classroom textbooks.

Not to mention avoiding years of back aches and chiropractor service later!

While using an E-book rental service doesn't get rid of the cost of books, it does help make it more manageable. recently published an article titled "How far students will go to get rid of textbooks." You can see that 76% of college students would get rid of traditional textbooks if given the choice.  Check out the awesome graphic and see how far our students would go to eliminate the textbook.

Students prefer digital textbooks
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There are many reasons to use Ebooks.  You are using a greener alternative, you will have less back pain and you save money.  Ebooks offer a slighly more affordable option to the overall costs of attending college.

Have a great week everyone!  For my teacher friends who have started the year, or are about to start the school year, you rock!  Keep it up!   


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