Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Salon, Read-A-thon and Funnies

Julia Roberts from Eat, Pray, Love
Happy Sunday!

Yesterday was a day engrossed in a reading challenge.  For 24 hours, I committed to read.  While I didn't read the entire 24 hours, I did make sure I stuck to the task for most of it.  This is the way the day went.

6 a.m. Up and reading Leaving Gee's Bend. (Great book for Intermediate School Girls)   I only had a little I wanted to reread, but this is one of my all-time favorite books.

9 a.m. The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Didn't Have To.  (Great book for high school aged boys)  I loved this book. I like the depth of friendship between the two main characters, but I was a bit disappointed in the shallowness of the secondary characters.  Of course, from a teenage boy point-of-view maybe all secondary characters are shallow.  Interesting storyline about people and differences.

11 a.m. Reading Break, Grocery store (Kids gotta eat)

1 p.m.  Listening to book on Kindle (I adore the read to me option on Kindle, just wish it sounded more live and less computerish)

2:30 p.m.  Reading on Kindle while getting Pedicure.  (gotta have pretty pigs)

4 p.m. Walking along Egret Bay with John.  (A girl needs to keep in shape doesn't she)  Just one mile, but it was a good quality mile!!

5 p.m.  Girl In Translation - Wow great book.  I adore when an author creates such deep characters.  The main character, a young girl who immigrates from Hong Kong to live in the slums of Brooklyn, spends her days in honor classes and her nights in a sweatshop.  The story line is exceptional, but the characterization is what keeps you reading.  Great book for intermediate school students.

9:45 p.m. Room - I didn't finish this in the 24 hours of reading time frame because I was just exhausted, but this is a must read.  Imagine being kept prisoner in a room, raising your child there with you and trying to make his life as normal as possible.  (Amazing)  I woke up early on Sunday to finish it.  This is a must read.

After a Sunday morning filled with baking and my son's soccer game at noon, I'm hoping for some quality boat time tonight.

Sunday Funnies:  (For my math teacher friends)

Enjoy your Sunday!

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