Saturday, April 23, 2011

Currently Reading - The House of Tomorrow; Avon Updates and Yoga

The House of TomorrowThe House of Tomorrow

Just an update on what I'm reading right now.  I've just started this book and I'm already sold on the humor and the characterization.  Can't wait to finish this one.   Another book from the ALA's Alex Award Winner List.  (Can't go wrong if reading from this list)

This is Carly
Carly and I walked three miles yesterday as we prepare for next years Avon Breast Cancer Walk.  I decided today that, along with the walking, I needed to add in some kind of toning.  I've decided to take up Yoga.  I'm looking at Yoga schools around the Galveston County area.  Suggestions would be most appreciated! 

I'm also thrilled because I've signed up to walk in the Galveston Walk for Alzheimers.  I'm just paying the $100 to walk in it myself because I've been asking all my friends to donate to the Avon walk.  I'd love a walking partner in the Galveston walk.  (it's just three miles)  John and I are both walking.  This walk is October 8th.

I've also registered for the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Online conference in July.  I'd have loved to gone to DC for the week, but I just have too much going on to really get there. The thought of seeing some of the keynotes is so exciting for me! These are true teacher-innovators, and anything the NBPTS does is always top notch. 

Since Sunday is Easter, I'm not posting my usual Sunday Salon post, but instead will be enjoying the day with my boys.  Don't forget to celebrate a risen Saviour and be thankful for the gifts God has given you.
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