Saturday, November 27, 2010

Technology in The GT Classroom

The modern student is growing up in a digital world. The use of new and innovative technology is no longer a side note in the classroom; instead it is quickly becoming a mainstay of our modern classroom. The gifted and talented (GT) student is a digital native, growing to think of technology as part of their daily life. While our GT students are digital natives, many of our classrooms are not digital friendly. The successful GT classroom must include the use of new and innovative technology to keep up with our modern students.

To affectively meet the advanced academic needs of the gifted and talented child, routine technology instruction is needed to aid the student as they search for the depth of any given subject. According to the Department of Education, “gifted and talented students are a national resource vital to the future of the Nation and its security and well-being,” and “develop a rich and challenging curriculum for all students.” (U.S. Department of Education, 2009) The inclusion of technology is the most efficient way to assure the needs of all gifted and talented students are met.

An article in AB Information Technology sites M.E. Brown saying, “Internet in education by outlining a workshop for gifted students that gives critical insight into how the technology can add value to learning.” (National Academies Press) The addition of the internet aids the gifted and talented student, who is always looking for the depth of knowledge. With the addition of the internet, students who are always thirsting for knowledge and information can look for more creative and innovative materials. These same students are able to create projects that are more creative and that reach a vastly larger audience then only the four walls of their classroom.
You'll find excellent examples of students creating projects everywhere, but here is a wonderful video newscast. One of many weekly episodes put on by GT students using video technology.

The modern day gifted and talented student has a thirst for knowledge that can’t always be quenched in today’s classroom. Technology also helps the “educational needs of high school students who are motivated and prepared for academic challenges beyond those that characterize most high school curricula.” (National Academies Press) With the growing amount of information, and the need for a creative way to create products that are universally acceptable and applicable in both the business world and academic settings, the gifted and talented student must have access to the new and growing world of technology. Using technology to create innovative products is an excellent resource for the GT student.
Today’s GT student has grown up in a world where technology is a part of their daily existence. This vital tool in the GT classroom allows these students the ability to prepare themselves for their future by providing depth of research and creative ways to present this information to the world.
If you'd like to learn more about GT Education, check out The National Association of Gifted and Talented Education's website.