Sunday, April 22, 2012

Defending Jacob: Not your ordinary murder mystery

Defending JacobDefending Jacob by William Landay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In its simplest form, this book is about a murder, than again, it's not about just a murder.

But isn't that what murder is all about? I mean, when someone you know is killed, a little part of you dies with them. Your innocence, your self-control or possibly all that you believed in and felt you could depend on.

In Defending Jacob, the reader feels the complexity of a murder case. It's not cut and dry, there are many victims and your heart breaks for all involved. You are tossed from one set of emotions to the next. Riding the roller coaster, you feel for the parents of the victim and the accused. You wonder, as a parent what would I do, how would I handle this? A mother's love for her child is endless, yet, what happens when you feel your child might be capable of the unthinkable? 

This is not my usual genre. I bought it because it was recommended to me, and I could not stop reading it 'till I finished. Landay brilliantly told a story that leaves the reader guessing 'till the end. After I finally closed my Kindle, the book lingered and, dare I admit it, I wanted more.

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