Monday, December 31, 2012

100 Books in One Year Challenge

One of the greatest gifts I give myself every year is reading.  I find that reading opens my mind to new ideas, gives me amazing opportunities to experience new cultures and allows me to escape the humdrum of the day to day grind.

As a reading teacher, I also know that reading in front of a child is one of the single most influential ways to help your young student achieve.  Now with audio books, reading can happen in a car or on an electronic device, you can take the book anwhere.

My fellow-blogger and amazing author COREENE CALLAHAN (@coreencallahan) is hosting a 100 Books in One Year Challenge.     

No, I'm not crazy - and neither is she.  (She's like an award winning author and everything!)  While the goal seems a bit daunting, the overall enjoyment is worth it!  

Join us reading and posting about books.  Just pop over to Coreene's blog and read about the details!   If you want to follow the books I'm reading you can do so on GoodReads here.  

Have a safe and Happy New Year!  
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