Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stupid Fast is Stupid Awesome!

One year I had a class of all boys.  Seriously, I wondered if I'd made the counselor mad at me, but 32 7th grade boys filled my 3rd period class.

Even my aide that year was a boy.

If I had read Stupid Fast that year would have gone so much smoother.  Actually, rearing my three boys would have gone smoother if I'd had read it first.  (the link will take you to the Kindle version which is under $2.)

This is an incredibly funny book about change.  What change you might wonder?  Well, if you are or have ever been a middle school boy, or the teacher of middle school boys, you know!!  I loved this book, and really wished I'd have had it to read to the class out loud. 

If you are a teacher and want to contact the author his website is here.  Geoff Herbach is also a writing teacher and appears to be very open to contact from teachers and classes. 

My Goodreads review is below if you want to read it .... 

Stupid FastStupid Fast by Geoff Herbach

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wish I'd have had this book the year I taught a class of all boys. Fun book for all kids, does a great job dealing with the awkwardness of change while portraying real kids in a real way. All students will love this highly engaging book. Really great for reluctant readers and a MUST to read aloud just for the class laughs!

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