Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Salon: How to Cross items off you to-do list.

I am off work 'till after the "Winter break."  (We call this Christmas break, but don't tell anyone.  It is not P.C.!)

So I have two weeks off, a huge holiday gathering at my house in less then a week and I am totally unprepared.   I made a list!

I've done nothing on it - but said list has been made!

Of course, if you are my Facebook or Twitter buddy you know I've posted on facebook, tweeted, read, played with Carly the wonder Yorkie and ate peanuts, but not a single holiday item has been crossed off my list.

So - here is my list of things to do ...

Trim the tree (I wonder where that term came from)
Bake cookies (but don't eat them)
Plan an overnight outing with our friends John and Johnna (yeah they have like the same name)
Shop for - well everyone
Give Carly the wonder-Yorkie a bath (stinky girl)
Make Cake balls for thirty (and again don't eat them)
Work on lesson for teachers on themeatic connections of good vs evil
Make three pecan pies (and once again DON'T EAT THEM)
Write (seriously Barbi - I'll do my part I promise)
Read next novel for the year because I promised myself I'd read this one book before the year ended
Make cherry tarts (BUT DON'T EAT THEM)
Write my reading round-up post

So, yeah I'm procrastinating.  Anyway - cool things from this week.

#1 Son graduated and is pursuing gainful employment and his CPA.  Handsome hubbies favorite phrase is that he is now off our payroll!  YAY!  I wish I could say that I was no longer hearing the sucking sound of my money going to Texas A&M, but son #3 will be there in the fall.

Reading:  I'll post my year-in-round up after Christmas, but these last two weeks I've been reading Erik Larson and loving him!  I read The Devil in the White City this week to help prepare a thematic flood for a group of teachers.  How I missed this book when it was published I don't know.  It's wonderful!  This is an accurate historical account of the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.  It is stunningly written. 

I enjoyed it so much I wanted to read his newest book In the Garden of the Beasts.  Again, so well written that you must read it.  I've provided links so you can check it out if you wish.

I'm warming the oven for cookies and plan on taking handsome hubby for some fun bonding over shopping.  (You will hear him whimpering I'm sure!)

Since I won't post again 'till after the holiday, have a good one and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!

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