Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year, New Reading Goals

  As a reading teacher, I would routinely have my students set reading goals for themselves.  I'd have students take interest inventories, and then with the help of my WONDERFUL librarian (and I have always worked with the best) we would find books that  held the interest of each and every student. 

 My personal reading has long been a blend of things I enjoy, professional reading and books that I knew my students would read.  Last year I vowed to read 111 books.  While the goal seemed daunting, in the end I surpassed it because I really enjoyed the books I read.  Which leads me to the point of the blog today.

What reading goal should I set for myself this year?

I know that I'm ending the year reading The Girl who Played with Fire.    Handsome hubby and I saw the movie Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  This compelled me to reread the series.  (By the way, DON'T see the new movie without reading the book.  The characters are so richly written that I don't feel the movie could ever do them justice)

So - back to my reading goal.  What should I read in 2012?  Do I just set a numerical goal?  Do I read things on the Lone Star Reading list?  Do I look at other lists of high quality books?

Book suggestions would be most appreciated.

If you are interested in the books I read in 2011, feel free to check out the list on  (Link on the widget below)  In the meantime, what are your reading goals for 2012? 

2011 Reading Challenge

2011 Reading Challenge

Doris has

completed her goal of reading 111 books in 2011!


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